X Japan


X Japan

Genres: Heavy metal, Power metal, Symphonic metal, Progressive metal
Formed: 1982

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X Japan (エックス・ジャパン Ekkusu Japan) is a Japanese heavy metal band from Chiba, formed in 1982 by drummer Yoshiki and lead vocalist Toshi. Predominantly a power/speed metal band with heavy symphonic elements, they later gravitated towards a progressive sound with an emphasis on ballads. Besides being one of the first Japanese acts to achieve mainstream success while on an independent label, the group is widely credited as one of the pioneers of visual kei, a movement among Japanese musicians comparable to Western glam.

The band's history begins in the distant '80s, when the wave drag hard rock reaches the coast of Japan. Innovative, expressive music is very different from the traditional, Japanese youth came to taste. Like mushrooms after the rain began to appear cover bands imitating Western idols. This fashion trend concerning not only the manner of execution, but also the appearance and style of behavior on the stage performers. Japanese passion for simulation and compiling borrowed ideas resulted in a completely new trend, which later would be called J Rock. But, of course, this one did not know, and two thirteen teenagers from Chiba, create your own home-grown cover band, only dreamed that someday will become famous.
Childhood friends, Yoshiki Hayashi and Toshimitsu Deyama, inspired by the work of the group KISS, create a cover band called Dynamite. Yoshiki plays the drums, and part is the leader of the young creative union, Toshi becomes the guitarist. The next three years the group undergoes multiple changes in the composition and performance style. The first fundamental reform takes place in 1980: the name Dynamite changes to Noise, and Toshi ranks vocalist. Team achieves some success, but the school is nearing release, and almost all participants, except Yoshiki, Toshi, and Terry, playing the guitar, leave the group.
However, Yoshiki does not give up, by 1982, he again changed its name, and now the X group with the song I'll Kill You makes its debut on the Yamaha Sponsorship Contest. This statement becomes a kind of breakthrough, after which a new group started talking seriously. X is played on a few sites, thus further increasing its popularity. By 1984, the group already consists of five people: Yoshiki - drums and keyboards, Toshi - vocals, Terry and Tomo - guitarists, Atsushi - bass. Chiba, in which there are no normal areas for performances, it is too small for the developing group, and the musicians decided to move to Tokyo, where he continued with a vengeance to storm the musical Olympus.

Next year brings a lot of changes and developments. Tomo leaving group, the second guitarist becomes Eddy. Posters, announces new statements X are increasingly appearing on the streets of Tokyo. In June release of the single I'll Kill You. However, the outer well-being and success do not bring calm, dogged group differences. October 4, Eddie, Atsushi and Terry leave X. The new members are guitarist Hally (ex-Dementia), and temporary bassist Taiji Sawada gets from Prowler. But they do not stay long: the two rookie left the band in late October. But in November Taiji returned to the X, later to the team joins Joon, former guitarist Sqwier.

By the new year X again changed its composition, but also the participants lasted only until April. By the spring of 1986 the group was as follows: Yoshiki, Toshi, Jun guitar and Hikaru on bass.

In July label EXPLOSION released the album compilation Heavy Metal Forse III, includes songs the most popular indie bands. The number of selected and hit X to Break the Darkness compositions and X. Suddenly, a group seeking universal vocation, it is referred to as the opening. At the same time Yoshiki decided to found his own record label Extasy Records, and under this label in late April released a single X Orugasumu.

The group continues to change and Taiji in November comes back to X, but this time officially.

In March 1987, Victor Record Studio X invites to participate in the recording of another collection Skull Trash Zone Vol. 1. The release of this album, with the song Stab Me in the Back has further strengthened the Group's position. It is worth noting the fact that the recording Yoshiki needed another guitarist, by a strange coincidence it turned out to be a session musician Pata (Tomoaki Ishidzuka), who at that time played in the band Judy. At first he refused the leader of proposals X, but in the end, agreed, on the condition that it will be a one-time recording.

In the period from November 1986 to March 1987 guitarist changed several times. Among the participants had to be lighted Kerry, Satoru and Isao. Only at the end of March, the Group will acquire the first of his regular guitar. Hide (Hideto Matsumoto), a former leader of the band Saver Tiger, after a personal invitation Yoshiki, will become the fourth member of the same.

April 10 Isao gets into an accident, breaking a motorcycle, and on the eve of performances at Meguro Live Station, X is without a second guitarist. Yoshiki again appealed for help to Pate, who agrees to replace the injured party at the concert. After the speech, Yoshiki invites him to become the fifth member of the band, as Isao stated his desire to leave the band. It is not known what motives guided by Pat, but he accepted the offer to Yoshiki, so that the performance of 10 April 1987 can be considered the first concert of the group X in the composition, which will be unchanged until 1992.
Later in an interview with Yoshiki says about this time: "It's incredible, but in a group of musicians changed more than 30 times."

Step back a little from history, it is worth saying a few words about the visual concept to form a group. If you look at the participants in this period, the first thing that can be said about their image - shocking. Provocative, and certainly eye-catching, bright and unusual, it has become an important part of the music, complementing it. The main idea of the concept was based on the fact that it was necessary first to attract attention to their appearance, and then hold it with the music. Undoubtedly, it was something to see. The image was Yoshiki is creative beyond measure: lighten long hair on one side of the head was placed in needle-shaped mohawk, complements the image of fantastic costumes, with some pretension to femininity. At the very beginning of his career leader wild makeup was half-hearted. That is, one half of his face was completely different from the other, in such a way Yoshiki wanted to express their vision of the two opposite sides of the human personality. Later, femininity becomes the predominant element of the image. Style Taiji in the beginning looked like a glam, then he will succeed him on the cowboy. The motives of the early costumes Toshi shows the influence of military-style, Pat same with his red mohawk and shaved temples most like a punk. Image hide all combine all incongruous. If you could imagine a creature from another planet or another dimension, it would look like a hair's breadth, as the lead guitarist of the group X.
But these images did not stay long, varied in time and along with it. Give a precise characterization is difficult, you need only say that after all these experiments with scenic images to be referred to as "visual kei" and the groups X - founders of a new musical movement.

However, not only the appearance of the group was challenging, match it was the behavior of the participants during the performance. X was the first band to break the tradition of the behavior of actors on stage: one before and could not have imagined that during the execution of the songs you can skip the stage and destroy tools. Reactionary critics have dubbed a group of unreliable and describe their performances as shaped madness. Of course, this attitude of the public not to affect the group, and after a performance during X were threatened, many concert halls ceased to cooperate with the group, and recording studios were denied entry. But the tsunami called X could not be stopped - music pioneering indie band has found a strong response from the fans.

From the current situation, it was necessary to find a way out and Yoshiki made several risky steps, which subsequently will be very successful.
Then he would say about it: "We did what nobody did not even think to us that it can be done." Group records video Xclamation '87 with three songs in August 1987, it goes on sale in the Osaka Bourbon House. Videotapes diverge like hot cakes, and for one day of sales X earns two hundred thousand yen. Parallel to this, X is beginning to appear on television. First, an unknown artist is on the outskirts of broadcast transmission in the comic sections, which tells about the strangeness, things happening with the modern youth with street culture and madness during rock concerts.

Gradually, however, the group finds its audience, unusual images and strong, new music is becoming more and more popular. In the mid-1988 X starred in «Tokyo POP», appearing on the screen a complete composition in a cameo, playing themselves. The film was released in rent in Europe 6 July 1989. However, the record labels are still refusing to cooperate with an X. After another failure, Yoshiki decided to record an album of indie-label under his own company and April 14, 1988 under the Extasy Records goes plate Vanishing Vision, and in June Vanishing Tour starts on 24 Japanese cities, which gradually turns into Burn Out Tour. Creative texts and great music do their thing - X starts triumphant march across the country.

Immediately after these events, August 1, 1989, the band signed a lucrative contract with CBS / SONY and goes from indie status to the status of the majors.
In January 1989, X began to record their debut album, Blue Blood, and on March 13 starts Blue Blood Tour.

Release April 21 immediately sends the album on the 6th place in the sales charts. This was the first time in Japan, the X was the first young rock band, which is managed. Without false modesty, it can be called a historic breakthrough.
The perfection of music composed Yoshiki, and mastery of two guitarists in unison, performing virtuoso Party, made the album Blue Blood revolutionary, and today it is recognized as the best example of classic Japanese rock.
After the tour, participants started to write new songs, this time apart from each other. June 22, Yoshiki went to Paris, where he starts shooting the video Rose of Pain, and Toshi, Pata, hide and Taiji June 26 - in New York, where they filmed a small video report. Later on, all of these materials will be included in the video Shigeki! ~ Visual Shock Vol. 2.

Upon their return to Japan began an endless strip of filming television programs and talk shows, photo shoots for magazines, radio recording. It is worth noting that at that time, rock bands participated in the musical talk show was the work of a very unusual, but after X first appeared on screens, many television companies began to invite different popular rock band on their transmission. Glory and fame the group became more and more comprehensive.

Released August 28 Kurenai single immediately gets on top the Oricon chart. September 29 the group goes to the Rose & Blood Tour.
December 1st second single Endless Rain, who also wins top Oricon'a.

The outgoing year has been marked as receiving the award. X were awarded the prize for Best New Artist of Japan (Zen Nihon Yuusen Daishou Yuushuu Shinjin ShouBest Actor in Japan (Nihon Yuusen Daishou Yuushuu Shinjin Shou) and category leader in sales of singles Orikon'89 (89 ORICON Nendo RECORDING SELL SINGLE Shinjin Bumon Dai). Truly a grand achievement for a rock band, which debuted just 11 months ago.

Unlike any that the style of play Yoshiki on drums made the group virtually inaccessible to competitors, while Yoshiki plays almost physical limit. Once members of the group said in jest: "If you want to kill Yoshiki, write more than fast songs", and he would later say in an interview: "I play the strength limit, I can die at any moment, my physical strength is now on the verge, but I still can not stop. " This was said at the beginning of the tour ... Fatal words echoed November 23: the middle of Rose & Blood Tour, the group should act in Shibuya Kohkaido, but on the eve of Yoshiki gets a serious injury and has to cancel the performance. This event caused a wave of panic among fans, but fortunately, Yoshiki recovered quickly and by February 4, 1990 the group continued to tour, and later received a prize Dai Yonkai Nihon GOLD DISC Taishou BEST ARTIST

April 21, 1990 release of the third single Week End. Again, the group in the first place Oricon'a, Japan fully proved at the feet of X. Rose & Blood Tour triumphantly concludes with two days of 7 and May 9 at Nihon Budokan, and then another, and additional performances on May 17 in Osakajo Hall.

September 1 video output Celebration ~ Visual Shock Vol. 2.5. At the end of the year the band went to Los Angeles, where for seven months recorded a new album, Jealousy, which went on sale July 1 next year. The return of the group home was accompanied by a grand pandemonium of fans who literally paralyzed the activities of Narita International Airport. Such an event happened in Japan for the first time, because of this, the authorities have not been able to organize the event, the situation got out of control and in the resulting stampede strong enough a few people were injured.

New tour Violence in Jealousy ~ Yume no naka nibegan on August 6 and 23 numbers in its framework the group first performed in Tokyo Dome.

September 11 exits Silent Jealousy single, taking, of course, the first place Oricon'a. September 30 the band released a video Shigeki 2 ~ Visual Shock Vol. 3 Yume no naka ni dake ikite. October 25 release of the single Standing Sex, and on 1 December Say Anything.
October 29 passes another Extasy Summit '91, this festival under the auspices of his record company Yoshiki began spending since 1988: it was attended by all the groups and performers who recorded the moment on Extasy Records. But the summit was much bigger and was held in the Nihon Budokan.
In December, X receives an award - Best artist of Japan (Nihon Yuusen Daishou Yuusen Ongaku Yuushuushou)and is also involved in a very popular program NHK Kouhaku Utagasen. The show is traditionally held at the end of the year, as if summing up the musical events of the country. This transfer is very important for the whole country, for any artist - is a great honor to be among the participants. X was the first rock band, which participated in this program, and then in the next few years, the band was a special guest of honor Kouhaku Utagasen.

The end of 1991 all different special group activities, as well as the beginning of his solo career of the participants. December 8 X performs a concert at NHK Hall X with Orchestra, in which the group was accompanied by a symphony orchestra. December 21 comes the video Say Anything ~ Visual Shock Vol. 3.5 and collection of X Ballad Collection.

At the beginning of the next year, 5, 6 and 7 January 1992 X give the Tokyo Dome three-day concert titled On The Verge of Destruction. This concert was the last performance of Taiji in the group. January 31, 1992 at the official press conference, it was reported that the bassist has officially left the band.
The search for a new bass player went on for seven months, the new party had to meet the high requirements of the group, so worthy candidate managed to pick up only in August.

August 25 X gives a press conference in New York, which is announced bassist replacement: a new member becomes Heath (Hiroshi Morie, a former member of Media Youth and familiar hide). In addition, the group name is changed to X JAPAN.
The reason for this was already existing in the United States a group X, as well as Yoshiki planned to take his team on the world music market (it should be noted that the special rate does exactly on America), he had to change the name to avoid unnecessary legal problems. At the same time Yoshiki decided to change the record label with CBS / SONY in the MMG (East West Japan). What was the reason for this castling - is not known, most likely, based on the leader's personal preferences lay. Fans of Heath presented Oct. 29 at the Extasy Summit'92 in Osakajo Hall, and then another, and on October 30 in Nihon Budokan.

November 1 video output Hametsu Ni Mukatte ~ Visual Shock Vol. 4. December 31 X JAPAN participated in the program NHK Kouhaku Utagasen again. The band performs Kurenai and Tears. During the performance of the latest Yoshiki plays the organ, and all the artists invited to the transmission - sing. Since the new year by July 1993 the band deep into work on their solo projects. However, they do not forget that the group are: July 1 output Video Film GIGs 1993 ~ Visual Shock Kougeki Saikai, and July 25 the band released a mini-album Art of Life, made up of just one long composition in 29 minutes. October 21 a group of pleased fans of the album, a collection of X Singles, and 25 the number of new single Tears. 30 and 31 December the group again appears in Tokyo Dome. Concert X JAPAN Returns will be the first of a series of Christmas concerts that will take place the next 5 years, up to the band's breakup. December 31 X JAPAN, by tradition, is involved in the NHK Kouhaku Utagasen, on the transmission band performed Tears.

At the same time there was a change of visual concept. The overall style has become more calm, mellow and whole. From scenic images and multicolor makeup gone wild and sharpness disappeared Iroquois, costumes purchased laconic perfection. Long red hair Yoshiki and his elegant attire, mostly made up of lace, identified the ideal of femininity and beauty. Images of Pata and Toshi became something similar, the main emphasis has peace of mind, but this does not in any way reduce the originality of their costumes. The image of Heath most drawn to glam-rock, and very well fit into the new image of the group. Some exceptions may be considered hide: he still prefers to dress bright colors, his hairstyle impressed complexity and fantastic. His appearance has provided the necessary exotic, ending an almost perfect gallery of images.

For the year 1994 was the peak of his solo activity participants: new singles, albums and videos. Collective same activity in this period is more international orientation: 20, May 21 and 22, a group involved in the big international concert The Great Music Experience ~ AONIYOSHI, speaking at the same stage with such world stars as Bob Dylan, Eddie Mitchell, INXS, Bon Jovi and Rodzher Teylor. The show went on with the support of UNESCO and was broadcast in 55 countries.

July 10, the band released the single Rusty Nail. By tradition, New Year X JAPAN meets with his fans at the Tokyo Dome. 30 and 31 December the band plays two concert extravaganza, called AOI YORU / SHIROI YORU (Blue Night / White Night). 30 numbers during the concert took place the legendary live show, during which the gear NHK Kouhaku Utagasen broadcast performance of Rusty Nail. Later, this practice becomes routine, the New Year live from Tokyo Dome will be the hallmark of Kouhaku Utagasen.

January 1 sale the live album Hametsu ni Mukatte 1992.01.07 Tokyo Dome and a collection of clips X Clips. January 27, the band performed as co-organizers of the races F-3000, and the car of the teams were decorated with the logo of the group. The races took Ralf Schumacher participated.

August 1 in commercially available new single Longing ~ Togireta Melody, and on 21 October the band released a video game Visual Shock 001 based on the game console Sega Saturn. The plot went to New Year's Concert 1994. October 29 begins Dahlia Tour 1995-1996. In concert, along with the usual set of booklets, T-shirts and other things, sold the tape with a new single Longing ~ Setsubou no Yoru, which went on sale just a normal 11 December. It is worth noting that in 1995, the band's bassist and starts his solo career.

December 30 and 31 in the group play Tokyo Dome concert X JAPAN in Tokyo Dome 2 days. However, the highlight of 1995 it is quite an event. In the autumn of Yoshiki radically change its image: it cuts off their chic hair and on November 26 at a television interview appears in front of fans in a completely different, more masculine image. Follow the Leader shortens the hair and lead guitarist, but at the same time, hide remained true to his color preferences and still pleases fans of bright and creative appearance. Following them hairstyle changes and Toshi.

Beginning of the year marked the release of singles Dahlia 26 February. The single included two versions of the song.

March brought a group of serious problems: 13 of 1996 Dahlia Tour was cut short due to illness Yoshiki. Directly from a concert in Nagoya, the group's leader was taken to hospital. Viewers announced that Yoshiki stretching the back muscles and the band somehow finished the concert. The next day reported the cancellation of filming Music Station, who were appointed on the 15th day. March 15 it was announced that 18 of X JAPAN will not participate in POP JAM, a concert in Nagoya Arena with 17 carries for 30, but it was subsequently canceled. March 19 at the official press conference announced the suspension of the tour for an indefinite time, and a refund for the canceled five concerts, tickets have already been sold. Later, it was made an official statement about the state of health of Yoshiki: infringement of a herniated disc, the result of old injuries.

This event is just demoralizing fans and generates a wave of hysteria. To little to calm the raging fans March 12 the band released the album on sale, a collection BOX (Best of X) CD +It's a little to defuse the situation, and on July 8, according to the previously planned schedule, the release of a new single Forever Love. August 26 release of the single Crucify my Love, who for the first time in the history of the group does not reach the first place in Oricon'e and stops at the second.

November 4 comes the long-awaited album, Dahlia, which instantly turns into a hit. A little later in the press there is information that the Dahlia Tour will resume 30 and 31 December will be the final concert Dahlia Tour Final. That they Yoshiki first appears in the neck brace, which, subsequently, will always be worn while playing the drum kit.
January 1, 1997 in the sale comes first part of the video Dahlia the Video ~ Visual Shock Vol. 5, and on March 5 the second part. It seems things are starting to build, but on April 20, quite unexpectedly, Toshi declares his desire to leave the X JAPAN. Band members and fans at a loss, the fate of X JAPAN is in jeopardy. Toshi was one of the founders of the group, leaving it a constant participant of almost twenty years, seventeen of which he was the lead singer, in view of this, the opportunity to find a replacement for X JAPAN's voice seems quite unreal.

This uncertainty lasted until the autumn. September 22 on the official conference Yoshiki announces the termination of activity of X JAPAN and the dissolution of the group. Toshi does not appear at the event, and later he will make a statement through the press that he was not notified about the upcoming press conference. This event is completely destroys the last hope for reconciliation participants.
December 31, 1997 a group gets together one last time to give a farewell concert for their fans. Nobody did not hide his tears, no members of the group, or the hundreds of people who were present at the Tokyo Dome on The Last Live. Last new song The Last Song was performed during the concert.
But in the spring of 1998, and former members of X JAPAN fans waited even more severe blow: May 2 tragically killed hide, now former lead guitarist of the group. According to the official version, he committed suicide, but it was a conscious step or dramatic accident remains a mystery. Hide did not leave a suicide note, thereby surrounding his unexpected departure of impenetrable mystery. All of Japan is in shock and deep grief and despair beyond words and to this day.

From the author:

It would seem that this is necessary to complete the story of the legend Jrock'a, which is the name of X JAPAN. You can of course continue, telling how then fates of other participants, you can still tell what it means for the music and culture for the people, but you must admit, it would be a different story. I want to say something quite different. Great history, great achievements, Great Music, Great Love - that's what the X JAPAN. Many people around the world became fans of this group after its collapse. Once he heard the music, it is impossible to remain indifferent. It resonates with giving birth to the love and hope that someday X JAPAN once again come together to once again play for their fans to play in the memory of the hide. For many a decade this hope had been saving effect, drop by drop, until it turned into a great hope. And all truly great, great in everything and is capable of performing miracles. Whether you want to believe in miracles? Want to see how the final point at the end of the story becomes an ellipsis? Then open a new chapter in the history of X JAPAN.


In February 2007, Yoshiki and Toshi finally reconciled and Yoshiki, Toshi visited Los Angeles, where they met for the first time in ten years. They began work on a joint project, a song in memory of hide. And on the revival of X JAPAN.
October 22, 2007 on the roof of Odaiba Aqua City passed PV shooting a new song X JAPAN - IV, in an interview after the shooting Yoshiki announced the concert X JAPAN, scheduled for spring 2008.

The band made its first public appearance on October 22, 2007, on the rooftop of the shopping center Aqua City in Odaiba, Tokyo, to film a music video for the newly recorded song "I.V.". The song was used as the theme of the American horror movie Saw IV. It was written by Yoshiki and recorded with all X Japan members of the pre-breakup lineup, as it utilizes previously unreleased guitar tracks by hide. "I.V." was released through iTunes on January 23, 2008, topping the store's charts on that day.

On January 20, 2008, two Tokyo Dome concert dates were announced for March 28 and March 30. Due to popular demand, they added another concert for the 29th. These three shows were entitled Resume Attack 2008 I.V. – Towards Destruction, with each individual concert titled Night of Destruction, Night of Madness and Night of Creation, respectively, and featured three guest guitarists filling in for the late hide – Wes Borland, Richard Fortus and Sugizo. The March 28 concert was aired live on the pay-per-view channel WOWOW. During the song "Art of Life" a hologram of hide (taken from footage of the "Art of Life" performance at the Tokyo Dome in 1993) played alongside the band. Because of technical difficulties, possibly due to the hologram, the first concert was delayed for over two hours and later came to an abrupt end when drummer Yoshiki collapsed eight songs into the performance. The subsequent shows were without such difficulties and during a press conference, plans for a concert in Paris, France on July 5, 2008, were announced, with an intended audience of 20,000 people. In addition to the Paris date, plans for concerts at the Madison Square Garden in New York City on September 13, and at the Taipei World Trade Center in Taipei on August 2 were also announced.


The hide memorial summit took place on May 3 and 4, 2008 at Ajinomoto Stadium, with X Japan performing the second day, as a tribute to the musician who was also a former X guitarist. Numerous other popular acts such as T.M.Revolution, Oblivion Dust and Versailles also performed, with Phantasmagoria and Luna Sea even reuniting for one day.
Organizers planned for an estimated 100,000 fans to attend the two shows. On June 8, it was reported that all of X Japan's previously scheduled shows would be postponed until further notice, due to a recurrence of Yoshiki's disc herniation. The Paris and Taipei concerts were rescheduled, Paris for November 22, 2009.

On September 15, 2008, Yoshiki held a press conference in Tokyo, where he announced a new, unnamed X Japan song was in the works. Concerts at Saitama Super Arena on Christmas and New Year's Eve 2008 were also announced. After the conference Yoshiki went on a promotional tour across Asia. On November 7, the French ticketing website Avos announced that the planned ticket sale for the show in Paris would be canceled. Later that day, X Japan released a press statement through their French language website apologizing for the second postponement and announced that the planned Christmas shows would likely suffer a similar fate. On December 31, X Japan performed their New Year's Eve countdown performance at the Akasaka Blitz.

On January 15, 2009, the band arrived in Hong Kong for their January 16 and 17 shows. On May 1, it was announced that Sugizo officially joined X Japan as lead guitarist. Since the band considers deceased hide their regular member, Sugizo became the sixth member of X Japan. Their first show with him as a full member was held the next day at the Tokyo Dome, where they played "Jade" for the first time. The Taiwan concert that was postponed for a second time in January, was finally held on May 30, 2009.
On January 9, 2010, the band made its first public U.S. appearance by shooting four new music videos in Hollywood. The four videos were for "Rusty Nail", "Endless Rain", "I.V.", and their new song "Jade". In February, Yoshiki confirmed that X Japan will be performing at Lollapalooza in August. Later that month, he announced at a press event that the band would be relocating to Los Angeles, California, with a concert being planned for a "simple" venue in the city area to mark the band's first official North American show. It was also announced that a sixth album was in the works and was expected to be released in the fall.

In March 2010, Yoshiki filed a lawsuit against Nexstar Corporation, for 375 million yen in damages. The band's contract with the company included the use of recordings, the initial deal was for 600 million yen in advance royalties and contract money, which the band claims not to have received. Between 2008 and 2009, the company also sponsored several concerts around Asia and Japan, not having paid performance fees and merchandise sales to X Japan. In all, the total unpaid amount is more than 900 million yen. The lawsuit sought only 375 million yen for the revenue earned from the concerts, with an additional claim of 600 million yen in case the trial proceeded. Yoshiki's side eventually won the lawsuit in 2014, where the Tokyo District Court ordered Nexstar to pay 660 million yen in damages.

On July 1, the band appeared at Club Nokia in Los Angeles where they performed an acoustic setlist, and recorded a music video for the new song, "Born to Be Free". On July 4, the two founding members Toshi and Yoshiki, appeared in Paris at the Japan Expo 2010 where they performed some songs. During the following month, X Japan and Yoshiki were featured in numerous newspapers and websites such as ABC News, the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Sun-Times.X Japan performed at Lollapalooza 2010 in Grant Park, Chicago on August 8. In the following days, Yoshiki did a Q&A article with the Phoenix New Times and was interviewed by ABC News.
On August 14 and 15, 2010, the band performed a two-day show at Nissan Stadium, the largest stadium in Japan. Some media reported an estimated attendance of 140,000 for the two concerts. Ex-bassist Taiji joined them on stage both nights as a guest for the song "X"; he would die the following year. Soon after, formerly deceased guitarist hide's management company, Headwax Organization, filed a lawsuit against Yoshiki and X Japan's management, Japan Music Agency, for using images of the former member without a formal agreement in place. The claim states that in 2000 the two companies signed an agreement allowing Yoshiki and X Japan to use visual images of hide during concerts. However, images were used at these Nissan Stadium shows, when apparently the contract already expired.
From September 25 to October 10, X Japan performed their first ever North American tour with dates in Los Angeles, Oakland, Seattle, Chicago, Vancouver, Toronto and New York City. On December 17, Yoshiki announced that a new X Japan song, "Scarlet Love Song", was composed for the animated movie adaptation of the Buddha manga.


It was announced on January 27, 2011, that X Japan signed a 3-year agreement with EMI in November 2010. The label will handle the American distribution of their single "Jade", which was to be released on March 15, and their untitled album, which was set for release in late summer. In promotion of the new album, it was also stated they would be touring extensively around the world throughout 2011. X Japan performed on March 6 at Asia Girls Explosion, a fashion event and music concert that Yoshiki created with Jay FR. It was announced they would perform in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Peru later in the year.
Due to the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami that occurred in Japan on March 11, the band decided to postpone the release of "Jade" until June 28. Yoshiki also decided to auction off one of his used signature Kawai crystal grand pianos, of which all proceeds were sent to help provide aid to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami.
"Scarlet Love Song" was released in Japan on June 8, and on June 28 their first worldwide single, "Jade", was released, both on iTunes.That same day they performed in London, the first concert of the European leg of their ongoing world tour, which was followed by Paris on July 1, Utrecht on July 2 and Berlin on July 4.

X Japan also performed at the 2011 Summer Sonic festival that was held on August 13 and 14, in Tokyo and Osaka. Their world tour's South American concerts were; Santiago on September 9, São Paulo on September 11, Buenos Aires on September 14, Lima on September 16 and Mexico City on September 18. The Asian leg of the tour brought stops in Seoul on October 28, Shanghai on October 30, Hong Kong on November 4, Taipei on November 6 and Bangkok on November 8. The Beijing show, originally scheduled for November 2, was cancelled by the promoters on October 25 due to "technical and production issues".
After more than two years of inactivity, X Japan announced the remastered compilation album The World ~X Japan Hatsu no Zensekai Best~ for release on June 17, 2014. Prior to its physical release, a digital version titled X Japan World Best became available in 111 countries via iTunes on May 21. They performed at Yokohama Arena on September 30 and October 1, and at Madison Square Garden on October 11. At both concerts, the cover of the song "Beneath The Skin" was played, originally written by Sugizo for S.K.I.N., the group formed by Yoshiki in 2007. They participated in Music Station Super Live 2014 on New Year's Eve, marking their first television appearance in seventeen years, the last being on Kōhaku Uta Gassen in 1997.


In June 2015, Yoshiki announced X Japan's sixth and first studio album in 20 years would be released on March 11, 2016. The band has announced that the sixth album would contain between 13 and 14 tracks, including some short pieces. It was also announced that they were to perform at the Wembley Arena in London on the following day, where We Are X, a documentary film about the band, would be premiered. The band performed on June 28 at Makuhari Messe as part of the second night of Luna Sea's Lunatic Fest. The first single from the album, "Born to Be Free", was released on November 6, 2015. X Japan's first domestic tour of Japan in 20 years began with three consecutive dates at Yokohama Arena on December 2, continued with Osaka-jō Hall on December 7, Marine Messe Fukuoka on December 9, Hiroshima Green Arena on December 11, and finished on December 14 at the Nippon Gaishi Hall. They also performed on Kōhaku Uta Gassen for the first time in 18 years.

On January 15, 2016, Pata was rushed to the intensive care unit of a Tokyo hospital. He was diagnosed with a life-threatening condition, which included a severe blood clot, but was in stable condition. On February 3, X Japan announced the postponement of their album release and March 12 concert at the Wembley Arena for a whole year; the concert subsequently taking place on March 4, 2017. In June, Yoshiki stated that Pata was discharged in March, but had to go back for surgery in August. Pata announced he was discharged on August 10. X Japan headlined all three nights of the Visual Japan Summit on October 14–16, 2016 at Makuhari Messe. The We Are X soundtrack album was released on March 3, 2017. The soundtrack reached No. 4 in its first week in the Oricon Albums Chart, No. 27 in the UK Albums Chart, and No. 1 in the UK Rock & Metal Albums Chart. On March 3, 2017, an album signing took place at HMV in Oxford Street, London. All the copies of the physical copies of the We Are X soundtrack available at the signing were sold in the event. According to store staff, this was the first time there was a sell-out of all physical copies at such a signing. A new song, "La Venus" was used as the ending theme song for We Are X and was one of 91 songs in contention for nomination for the Academy Award for Best Original Song for the 89th Academy Awards. In April 2017, Yoshiki announced that the 6th album songs were ready and only mixing and mastering remained, and release was expected "in the next few months".
On May 9, 2017 Yoshiki's management announced that the drummer would undergo urgent surgery on May 16, where an artificial disc would be inserted between his vertebrae. Due to his health conditions, it was reported that concerts would need to be either rescheduled or cancelled. On June 9, X Japan announced at a press conference that the concerts would not be postponed but instead performed in an acoustic set, with Yoshiki at the piano, as it is uncertain whether he would be able to play the drums in the future.

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He is a drummer, pianist, composer, music producer, member of the X JAPAN and former member of globe extreme.

  • Name: Hayashi Yoshiki (林佳樹)
  • Birth Date: November 20, 1965 (Scorpio)
  • Birthplace: Tateyama, Chiba Prefecture, Japan

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X Japan Yoshiki
X Japan Toshi

TOSHI - Vocal

He is the vocalist of X JAPAN. Also, he is a soloist and vocalist of his project TOSHI with T-EARTH.

  • Name: Deyama Toshimitsu (出山利三)
  • Commonly Known As: Toshi, ToshI
  • Birth Date: October 10, 1965
  • Birth Place: Tateyama, Chiba Perfecture, Japan
  • Blood Type: A
  • Instruments: Vocals, Guitar, Piano
  • Bands: X JAPAN, TOSHI with T-EARTH

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PATA - Guitar

The guitarist of the Japanese rock bands X JAPAN and Ra:IN. Musical achievements (excluding work with X JAPAN) include occasionally playing with hide. In 2000 he formed the Dope HEADz with Heath and I.N.A (ex-Spread Beaver), but band disbanded in 2002. The Pata formed the band Ra:IN.

  • Real Name: Ishizuka Tomoaki (石塚智昭)
  • Nickname: Ishizuka (Dai) Sensei (石塚(大)先生)
  • Hometown: Chiba, Chiba Prefecture
  • Birth Date: November 4th, 1965
  • Blood Type: B
  • Previous Bands: BLACK ROSE, JUDY, P.A.F., Dope HEADz

Official WebSite

X Japan Heath

HEATH - Bass

Heath joined X JAPAN in August of 1992, after ex-bassist Taiji left band earlier that year in January. Heath stayed with X JAPAN until its disbandment in 1997. He is currently participating in the X JAPAN reunion.

  • Real Name: Morie Hiroshi (森江博)
  • Birth Date: January 22, 1968
  • Birthplace: Amagasaki, Hyougo Prefecture, Japan
  • Bloo Type: B
  • Previous Bands: PARANOIA, Beet Sweet, SWEET DEATH, Media Youth, Dope HEADz, RATS

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SUGIZO (スギゾー) - Guitar

He is a musician, producer, and violinist and guitarist for the band LUNA SEA.

  • Real Name: Sugihara Yasuhiro (杉原康弘)
  • Other Names: Sugihara Yuune (杉原有音), Sugihara Yuu (杉原悠)
  • Birthplace: Hadano, Kanagawa, Japan
  • Birthday: July 8, 1969
  • Blood Type: O
  • Height: 176 cm
  • Hobbies: Jeet Kun Do, yoga, environmental initiatives, humanitarian initiatives, anti-war initiatives, peace, new age spiritualism, preservation of the earth, and more.
  • Favorite Artists: Kiss, Björk, David Bowie, Bob Dylan, YMO, Duran Duran and Culture Club.

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Former Members

X Japan Taiji

Taiji - Bass

He was a former bassist, guitarist, arranger, and composer for the bands X, LOUDNESS,. D.T.R and Cloud Nine. On July 11th 2011, he was arrested and charged with allegedly assaulting a female member of a Delta Airline flight crew, which was in route to Saipan from Tokyo. On July 14th, he was rushed to the intensive care unit after hanging himself with a bed sheet, an act which left him on life support. His mother and fiancée elected to remove him from artificial means and he passed at 11 A.M., on July 17th. Ironically, his X bandmate, hide, had committed suicide in a similar fashion 13 years earlier.

  • Real Name: Sawada Yasushi (沢田泰司)
  • Nickname: Taiji, Tai-chan (TAIちゃん)
  • Date of Birth: July 12, 1966
  • Date of Death: July 17, 2011 (aged 45)
  • Sign: Cancer
  • Blood Type: A
  • Height: 173cm
  • Weight: 55kg
  • Foot Size: 25.5cm
  • Hometown: Ichikawa, Chiba Prefecture, Japan
  • Musical Career: X, TRUSH, Brawler, DEMENTIA, DeadWire, LOUDNESS, D.T.R, Cloud Nine, OTOKAZE
  • Special Skill: Dish
  • Cigarette: Marlboro
  • Favorite Drinks: Beer, whisky
  • Family: Sister MAYO (Younger Sister)

Hide - Guitar

He was a Japanese musician, guitarist, singer-songwriter and producer. His debut in the music business was as the guitarist of the Japanese rock band X JAPAN. In 1993, hide went solo with the single "EYES LOVE YOU". In 1997, X JAPAN announced their disbandment and hide focused on solo works. On May 22nd, 1996, he opened his production company "LEMONed" and created a solo band consisting of his close friends that played at his solo tours and concerts, hide with Spread Beaver. On May 2nd, 1998, he was found hanged with a towel tied to a doorknob in his Tokyo apartment.

  • Full Name: Matsumoto Hideto (松本秀人)
  • Nickname: hide (always spelled with lower case 'h'; not to be confused with L'Arc~en~Ciel's HYDE)
  • Birthdate: December 13, 1964
  • Birthplace: Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
  • Deathdate: May 2, 1998 (aged 33)
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Horoscope: Sagittarius
  • Height: 170 cm
  • Weight: 50kg
  • Bands: SAVER TIGER, X JAPAN, hide with Spread Beaver, MxAxSxS, zilch

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