Genres: Visual Kei
Members: Koudai, Subaru, Tomoya, Kuina
Formed: 2009

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Royz (ロイズ) - visual kei band, which started its activity 28 September 2009. February 14, 2010, the group added a new guitarist KUINA (杙凪). From 29 to 30 August, in honor of the anniversary, the guys go for a short tour of Nagoya-Tokyo-Osaka. October 6 goes on sale the single [AREA].


April 9, 2011 release of the single [eve: r], which was available in two versions. November 30, 2011 Royz released their first album Revolution to New AGE, which was released in three editions. Then, only in March 2012, leaves maxi-single, Noah. May 2 comes out in the light of LIVE DVD "Revolution to New AGE ~ 2011.12.22 Shibuya and June 1 guys opened their official fan club. And in late June, fans can listen to the new maxi single Starry HEAVEN.


At the beginning of 2013 Royz went on a solo tour of the country, covering 21 cities, and ended on January 5, the final performance at SHIBUYA-AX.

January 23 release of their live DVD Roys2012 SUMMER Oneman TOUR FINAL The Space of "6" HEAVENS - Royz 3rd Anniversary in Namba Hatch. On the drive gets a record dedicated to the third anniversary of the band. The show took place on 28 September. In addition, fans will enjoy the three songs, filmed on August 25 at Akasaka BLITZ. A month later, on February 27, Royz released their second full-length album, called Tears. He was released in three versions, each received 11 tracks. Regular edition will please fans a bonus track, and limited - DVD, the contents of which will be different for different types.

In May 2014 Royz shocked their fans with the sudden announcement that guitarist Kazuki will depart in June 2014, in order to take care of his mother who has an incurable disease. Even though the members always said that they will disband in case of the departure of one member, all of them realized that it's not right to give up on Royz' dreams now and decided to continue as a four-member band.

July third was a new single, EGOIST, which is available in four variants.
In August a new album CORE. Following the guys go on tour CRISIS CORE in support of the album. September 28th comes the 5th DVD Live ONEMAN LIVE 「5TH ELEMENTS +」. By the end of December 2014 out of the 10th group of single called Supernova. And ends with a year round winter ONEMAN TOUR 「NES」.


In early 2015, the band gives some performances. And in April, sent to the small tour ONEMAN TOUR 「The Beginners」 in ASIA. In early July, comes 11th single, THE BEGINNING. In support of his group goes on a long tour ONEMAN TOUR 「The 47th Beginners」. And behind him another tour FAMILY PARTY.

In early 2016 released DVD Live FAMILY PARTY Final-Royz編In April 2016 the group expects a new round of ONEMAN TOUR 「SIVA」. April 5, 2016 comes 4th full-length album SIVA This was followed by the group gives a few small joint concerts. November 13 guys release a new single ANTITHESIS. In support of his guys toured winter ONEMAN TOUR 「HELLO, ANTITHESIS」.


At the end of March 2017 comes 13th single RAVEN group. 8 April the band went into a prolonged tour ONEMAN TOUR 「THE AXIA47 -RAVENS CALL-」. In July comes the 14th ANTHEM single group.

Subaru (昴) - Vocal

  • Name: Subaru (昴) (すばる)
  • Part: Vocals
  • Birthday: February 14th, 1992
  • Bloodtype: O
  • Height: 163cm
  • Likes: Treatment, JustinDavis, RoyalOrder



Kuina (杙凪) - Guitar

He joined the band in 2010. Prior to joining Royz, Kuina was a member of Celestial Garden.

  • Name: Kuina
  • Part: Guitar
  • Birthday: July 5th. 1991
  • Bloodtype: AB
  • Height: 169cm
  • Likes: LordCamelot, LoreeRodkin, RoyalOrder
  • Favorite Color: Purple


Koudai (公大) - Bass

  • Part: Bass
  • Birthday: July 3rd, 1987
  • Bloodtype: A
  • Height: 170cm
  • Likes: PRADA, coffee, movies


Tomoya (智也) - Drums

  • Name: Tomoya (智也)
  • Part: Drums
  • Birthday: May 11th, 1987
  • Bloodtype: O
  • Height: 171cm
  • Likes: Dior, motorbikes, food, Yukijirushi's coffee