Nightmare Band

Nightmare (Band)

Genres: Visual Kei, Alternative Rock
Members: YOMI, Sakito, Hitsugi, Ni~ya, RUKA
Formed: 2000

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Nightmare (nnナイトメア.) Group arose in January 2000 by two musicians: Sakito - guitar, and Hitsugi - guitar. Then they were joined by Yomi - vocals, Ni ~ ya - bass, and Zennin - drums. However, in July Zennin left the band, and was replaced in November took Ruka (ex-Lunispear).

Their first tour took place in August in Kansai province and at the same time they presented their first demo, «Zange». The band then released a maxi-single «Hankouki», recorded with the participation of SPEED DISK. The boys went on their next tour, which lasted from March to April and was held in Nagoya and Osaka. In June Nightmare offered to the public single «Gaia -Nadir Side-», and later - its sequel, «Gaia -Zenith Side-». The next release of the group was a mini-album «Outlaw».


they released their first full album called «no ore wa mono ~ Omae» in April 2003. In the same year he received a major Nightmare status by signing an agreement in June with the Nippon Crown label. August 21 sale the single «Believe», who finished twenty-fourth place on the Oricon charts. Three months later, I took the tour «Ultimate Circus», whose goal was to support the release of the single «Akane / HATE / Over». The following year, Nightmare released their first DVD, and introduced the single «Tokyo Shounen». In addition, a tour of «CPU 2004 Ghz tour», which concluded with a performance at the Nakano.


In 2005, hosted the first live performance of the group in Sendai, and in April there was a single «Jibun no Hana». Two members of the group, and Hitsugi Yomi, try yourself as a leading radio show «Jack in the box!», Is aired every Wednesday. In 2006, the guys from Nightmare took part in the creation of opening and ending for the anime DEATH NOTE. February 22 at the music stores was an album «anima», a limited version of which was supplemented by a special photobook. In May, they recorded another album, «Djainism: Nightmare kuse ni namaikiand issued a 84-page artbook with the same title. In August, the European fans could buy the album «Anima», and behind him, in September, another album of this amazing band - «Libido».

December 9th started the tour «TOUR 2006 [to the shining WORLD]», in which there were concerts in Shibuya CC.Lemon Hall, Hokkaido Koseinenkin Kaikan and Osaka Koseinenkin Kaikan. In February next year, the market entered the album «the WORLD», which was released a limited edition and was available in three different versions. Nightmare Two compositions were used as the opening theme to popular anime - a «Raison D'etre» ( «Claymoreand «Dirty» ( «Majin Tantei NougamiThe eponymous single were published in June and November.

June 3rd team spoke at the event to celebrate the decade Takadanobaba AREA, which was held in ZEPP Tokyo with the participation of groups such as Kagrra, ayabie, Phantasmagoria, Shulla,and Wizard. In the same month began the tour «TOUR2007? The WORLD RULER?»The shooting of which have appeared on DVD September 12th. In September, the band first performed at Nippon Budokan with the program «Far East Symphony ~ the FIVE STARSand in October offered to the public single «Konoha», available in three versions. This year the team has completed a national tour «DIRTY Influence», organized in support of their latest single. In addition, one of the participants Nightmare, Nia, was invited as a special guest to participate in the «stylish wave '07 MATRIX» in Shibuya AX.


In January 2008, saw the release of the album «2003-2005 single collection», and behind him, in February, went on sale «Kyokutou Symphony the Five Stars Night @which is an audio recording of the concert at Nippon Budokan. 21 May fans could get the long-awaited album «Killer Show», available in three versions. One of the limited version includes a colorful photo book and a CD with the music video for the song «White Room»; the other - the disc with a clip for the song «LAST SHOW». In support of this album it was organized tour «Nightmare-LIVE HOUSE TOUR 2008-Killer Show», which was launched in June. On May 30, in Europe there was an album «the WORLD Ruler», consisting of thirteen songs.

June 22, the market entered a two-volume publication containing the history of the band, photos, and interviews. In September, the band released the single «Lost in Blue», and December 3 was released another single, «NAKED LOVE», the title song from which became the ending theme to the anime «Moryo no Hako». The release came in three versions, two of which contained clips on the composition «Naked Love» and «Mad Black Machine».

December 17 at the music stores with a disc recording Nightmare performances in Tokyo Kokusai Forum Hall A in September. In March 2009, I saw the light collection of clips called «love [CLIP] per IV»consisting of five clips.

The coming year 2010 was a jubilee year for the band - musicians celebrated the decade of his creative career, so that the news fell like a horn of plenty. First, in January, he started a side project of drummer Ruka, supergroup The LEGENDARY SIX NINE, which also included HAKUEI and rapper TWIGY. Secondly, in the same month a gala concert at the stadium Saitama Super Arena, which account later published on the DVD. Jubilee tour of the year is traditionally ended the show at Nippon Budokan. In October, the stores have a new collection of the best of NIGHTMARE - CD titled Historical -The highest Nightmare-. The musicians continued to tour, but the 2011 earthquake made their plans its own adjustments: a series of concerts and the release was delayed. In May came the single VERMILION: he became not only the first release of NIGHTMARE after the cataclysm, but their first release for the year. After that, the band quickly gained the usual speed of release of the new material: they have pleased fans with a new single and album before the end of the year. In addition, they took part in the recording of the collection covers on popular Disney songs.


In February of 2012 saw the release of a new single, NIGHTMARE, called mimic, and just a couple of months, the group has published the news about several releases in June of fans waiting for new releases live album and DVD of the final show of the tour NIGHTMARE TOUR 2011- 12 Nightmarish reality.

August 21 in Sapporo Kraps Hall, which was to be held Nightmare performance for members of the fan club, the band members have made a statement that their drummer RUKA hospitalized. The reasons that the musician was in the hospital, were not named. However, given the fact that the Nightmare were not cancel two of August the live (22 and 24.08)

"I apologize for disturbing you. To be honest, before the start of our fan tour, I began to feel some discomfort. I spoke to the management and we decided, I conducted a survey upon completion of the tour, however, the night before a concert in Sapporo pain increased and I had to go to the doctor the pain was gone, and because of this I was able to attend the final two shows, but the survey results have not pleased me... the doctor said, that requires operation. I'm sorry about such sad news, but I hope that I can as soon as possible back to work. "

New Single 「Deus ex machina」 will be on sale November 21, 2012 in three versions. Nightmare musicians performance can only envy - a new group 「SCUMS」 album comes out January 30, 2013, after only 2 months from the date of the previous release. The album will be released in three versions: regular and two limitirovannyh.Trek list the regular edition contains 14 songs. The composition of the limited edition includes 12 songs and a DVD with clips ASSaulter (Limited Edition type A) and終わる世界の始まり


YOMI - Vocal

He is the lyrics writer. He has an alter-ego personality from Sendai Kamotsu named Chiba. He calls himself "Sukebe" (lecher), and often gets slapped when in an interview or before Nightmare plays a show.

  • Birth Name: Chiba Jun
  • Stage Names: YOMI, Igaguri Chiba
  • Birth Date: July 14, 1981
  • Height: 155cm
  • Blood Type: A
  • Hometown: Furukawa (now Osaki), Miyagi Prefecture, Japan
  • Bands:
    • Re:birth
    • NIGHTMARE (2000-)
    • Sendai Kamotsu (2002-)

Sakito (咲人) - Guitar

The guitarist and one of the main songwriters of the band. He has an alter-ego personality from Sendai Kamotsu called Satty.

  • Real Name: Takahiro Sakaguchi
  • Birthday: June 29, 1981
  • Blood Type: O
  • Hometown: Miyagi, Japan
  • Height: 172cm
  • Weight: 50 kg
  • Shoes Size: 24.5cm
  • Wrist band color: Black
  • Family: Parents, Younger brother, Younger sister


Hitsugi (柩) - Guitar

He is one of the guitarist and is also known as "Neko Boy". He has another personality called Fullface, Sendai Kamotsu's guitar player.

  • Real Name: Ikari Mitsuo
  • Birthday: March 5, 1982
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
  • Height: 164cm
  • Weight: 52kg
  • Wristband Color: Red
  • Family: Parents and 3 cats
  • Cigarette Brand: Seven Star



Ni~ya - Bass

A member of the visual kei rock band, Nightmare. He Plays the bass; does backing vocals.

  • Birthday: June 23rd, 1981
  • Astrological Sign: Cancer
  • Blood Type: A

RUKA - Drums

In 2010, he started his solo project, The LEGENDARY SIX NINE, in order to celebrate Nightmare's 10° anniversary of career. With each new release, the support members lineup of the project will change excluding Ruka.

  • Birth Name: Kano Satoru
  • Date of Birth: June 9, 1979
  • Place of Birth: Miyagi Prefecture, Japan
  • Blood Type: O
  • Bands / Groups:
    • Luinspear (1999-2001)
    • NIGHTMARE (2000-)
    • Sendai Kamotsu (2002-)