Genres: Visual Kei
Members: Tsuzuku, Mia, Koichi, Meto
Formed: 2011

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MEJIBRAY - Japanese visual kei band, formed 18 February 2011 by the former vocalist VanessA - Tsuzuku (. Ex Genki)as a solo project. March 18 Tsuzuku vocalist with the support of session participants performing on stage "Takadanobaba Area" together with bands like Scarlett, FEST VAINQUEUR and Virgil.

Exactly 3 months June 18, the band once again act as "Takadanobaba Area". At this concert Tsuzuku announces that from now on, MEJIBRAY, already in the 5-member (vocal: “Tsuzuku”, guitar: “Mia”, guitar: “Ippu”, bass: “Koichi”, drums: “Meto”) officially become a separate full-fledged band.


MEJIBRAY released immediately 2 two singles: July 25 release of their first single "KARMA -Gareki no MANTICHORAS-" 「カルマ-瓦礫のマン」, and
on 24 August the guys released "KILLING ME". Following September 11, "Ikebukuro Black Hole", the first solo concert.

However, despite the success of the October 1, guitarist "Ippu" left the band, and MEJIBRAY continue to work as a part of 4 people.

December 7 musicians release their first mini-album titled "Slivers.exe". In its support, December 16, 2011, MEJIBRAY give a solo concert "Silver Crossing" again in "Takadanobaba AREA".


March 7, 2012 MEJIBRAY released their second single - "Sabato" 「サバト」. First Limited Edition version included a solo concert of group "Takadanobaba AREA" December 16, 2011. The second version contained MEJIBRAY first video for the song "Sabato".

May 2, 2012 they released their first full-length album "MEJIBRAY -「 Emotional KARMA 」”.

After the success of the album, the band decide to re-record their first mini-album "Slivers.exe", and on July 4 leaves reprinted version of the plate. The new edition has a more clear and rich sound and some changes in the arrangements of the songs.

From 31 August to 2 September MEJIBRAY give 3 exclusive solo concert at the "Ikebukuro Black Hole", during which the musicians presented to the public a new single "Toroshina" 「トロシナ」.

Further releases one after the other - a single "Sadisgate" comes out on September 5 and October 3 the band released a record called "EMILY", in which many fans have caught the effect of your favorite singer "the GazettE" group. The band went on a tour called "AVENGE BLAZE CIRCUIT", which ended on November 11 at "Shinjuku BLAZE", and subsequently released on DVD.


2013 year begins for MEJIBRAY with the release of two new singles: "Avalon" 「アヴァロン」 - January 2 and 「Die Küsse」 - February 6 and February 16 the band went on a tour called "Schwarzer Anfang", which ends March 3 final performance in "Liquidroom Ebisu". However, the group does not stop there, and on 1 May the band released a mini album "MESSIAH.bat"

Autumn 2013 gets pretty busy for a group of 4 September MEJIBRAY released the single "A Priori" 「アプリオリ」 and sent to the longest tour in their activities , which was named 「A PRIORI詠:序章-Counting Goats-」, DVD which comes out in 2014.

October 2 band released the single "Shuuei" 「醜詠」, and behind him 「DECADANCE-Counting Goats ... if I can」 6 November. Bottom line, a group of sums December 13th recital in the "Shibuya O-East".


March 19, 2014 the band released their maxi-single 「RAVEN」, and April 2, the release of their DVD 「A PRIORI詠:序章-Counting Goats- TOUR」, and after April 9 release of the single "Porn Star "which is a cover of the same name of the band's song" SADS ". 7 May saw the release of a greatest hits album titled 「SM」, which included all the captured clips MEJIBRAY. At this time, the band is on tour, which celebrates its third anniversary, but in the end of May, drummer "Meto" gets to the hospital, which is why there is a change schedules - cancel some concerts, but on several acts dramer session. The tour ends with a final performance on June 6 "Zepp DiverCity Tokyo".

With the return of Meto, September 24 musicians released the single "Theatrical Blue Black" 「シアトリカル·ブ」, and November 1 MEJIBRAY go to China together with his colleagues on the stage "Nightmare" and "Royz" for a special concert in honor of Halloween. The next day, 25 September, comes a special edition of "Limited DVD「 Divergence 」発売".

November 15, 2014 the group begins their tour 「Devouring Silphidae」, during which a presentation of the new full-length album, 2nd Full Album 「THE" 420 "THEATRICAL ROSES」発売, that December 3 is now available in two versions, one of which is a new video came on the song "MEJIBRAY - Echo". At the end of the tour on December 22, the final event was a concert渋谷公会堂「THE THEATRICAL SHOW」 「鳥ハ泳ギ方ヲ知ラ」, which was soon released on DVD.


New Year's Eve for the group has been very intense. March 4, 2015 came the long-awaited second DVD of a live performance at the end of the tour December 22, 2014. Whose official name is 2nd LIVE DVD 「THE THEATRICAL SHOW「鳥ハ泳ギ方ヲ知ラ」at渋谷公会堂」発売.

April 1 comes out the 12th single, titled "Nepenthes" together with the official video clip "MEJIBRAY - Nepenthes", followed him with a break in the month, May 6 out next 13th single entitled "Eiki", which also received a video clip "MEJIBRAY - Eiki". Moreover the group has updated its scenic images and set off a new round of May 11 titled "「毒」(Doku)".

August 5 out third new mini-album 3rd MINI ALBUM 「」発売, the announcement has taken place during the recent round of "「毒」(Doku)". With the release of this mini-album, the band updated their images. August 21 they go to a new round of 「TRAP SEQUENCE-解離≒乖離-」.

October 7 guys release a new 14-second single "パラダイム·パ after it comes out November 4 15th single, 「SECRET No.03」発売. For each of which the group produced a new video with new images.

November 6 began a new round of 「NEXT MAJORITY VENOMS」, after which 2 December is scheduled third DVD of their performances in "Hibiya Kokaido Hall" under the name "Momoku no Neko wo Koroshita Modoku (大音楽堂) ". The track list of this DVD includes 21 songs and consists of two parts.


March 2, 2016 is published in a new 16th single 「Agitato GRIMOIRE」発売. Stunning new images of the band members and the music video "MEJIBRAY - Agitato GRIMOIRE" successfully continued to win the love of the fans. Together with some versions released this single disc DVD Live performances included "EX THEATER ROPPONGI".

April 23 includes the following 17th single, 「THE END」発売. Oddly enough, it was perceived cool. On the same day, the group went to their tour 「THE END to be or not to be」.

July 23 guys with an interval less than a month are going to conquer the next tour called 「Slivers」. During his mini-concert "TSUTAYA O-WEST" was recorded, which later became available in a limited edition.

September 7 was a significant event for the band, was released the 4th DVD 「THE END to be or not to be」発売.

November 2 was released 18th single "Uka (羽花)". The limited edition which also included footage from the Live performances in "Akasaka BLITZ" and the video "MEJIBRAY - Uka".
November 4 guys immediately sent to the next stage known as 「-NO MOUTH SLIVERS-」, which ended with a steep performance in "Yokohama Bay Hall".


January 20, 2017 the group again without delay sent to the new tour TOUR 「-ミダス-」. During the tour, the guys played with "Royz", "Morrigan".

March 1, comes the long awaited 5th DVD group 「-NO MOUTH SLIVERS- TOUR FINAL at Yokohama Bay」. Stunning new images and the performance itself showed that the group is growing professionally.

April 5 comes reissue 1st Single Collection SM with a bonus track of the selected group of fans.

May 3 at the light goes another reissue 2nd Single Collection SM # 2 from the 10th single "RAVEN" 18 th "Uka". But the main news of the re-release was the release of a new song by the group "Nanaki (ナナキ)" and a video clip. Moreover later in May, published a limited edition includes a new video clip "MEJIBRAY - Slivers" and the DVD Live recording of the concert "Shibuya REX" that took place on May 10.

May 10 began a big tour called 「HANGMAN」. As well together during this tour with the guys we entered “DIAURA”, “NoGoD”, “PENTAGON”, “No Limit”, “Vexent”, “KILLANETH”, “MORRIGAN”. On the same day, the band announced the sad news. At the end of 2017 MEJIBRAY group takes a break. This news shocked all fans of the band. There is an official translation of the statement taken from the social networks:

Thank you very much for your continual support for MEJIBRAY.
Here is a very important announcement to everyone.
MEJIBRAY will be taking a break in 2017.
To all the fans who have supported us so far and all the people concerned from this sudden announcement, we deeply apologize for the worry and inconvenience caused and we appreciate your understanding. Next year’s schedule and activities will be undecided.
Although it is a small remaining period, we will do our best with full power until the end of the year.
We humbly thank you for your support.
May 10, 2017
Forum Co., Ltd.
Tsuzuku, MiA, Koichi, meto and staff

July 14 guys went into a new round of 「A New Hero. A New Legend. 」.

Tsuzuku (綴) - Vocal

  • Stage Names: Genki (元規) (2007-2010),
    Tsuzuku (綴) (2011-present)
  • Date of Birth: December 15
  • Blood Type: O
  • Previus Bands:
    • Ruru
    • DIS
    • VanessA



Mia - Guitar

  • Stage Names: Yuno (夢叶),
  • Birthday: September 17
  • Blood Type: O
  • Previous Bands:
    • Galneryus (roadie)
    • Valcuria
    • Fururirero
    • xiongmao (support)
    • ○ Narudo


Koichi (恋一) - Bass

  • Stage Names: Natsuki (夏希),
    Koichi (恋一) (2009-present)
  • Birthday: December 22
  • Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
  • Blood Type: B
  • Previous Bands:
    • Maifure
    • Mimic
    • VanessA
    • the LEM (support)


mejibray meto

Meto (メト) - Drums

He officially joined the band on June 19th, 2011.

  • Birthday: January 17
  • Blood Type: A