Luna Sea

Luna Sea

Luna Sea

Genres: Alternative Rock, Progressive Rock
Members: Ryuichi, J, Sugizo, Inoran, Shinya
Formed: 1986

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Luna Sea - Japanese rock band formed in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1989. The early history of the group even begins with the school years Kiyonobu Inoue and Onose Jun, who took a great interest in the main western rock music. Lunacy, they founded a group, the composition of which varies quite strongly in the second grade of high school. From broken Pinocchio group in Lunacy friends went drummer Yamada Shinya and guitarist Sugihara Yasuhiro (SUGIZO). The direction of their music has been selected in the indie rock and while the popularity of the group did not differ. The children worked in addition to his studies and in his spare time doing rehearsals at home SUGIZO.

Their first concert, but rather the performance was in Machida Play House in Kaganawa. 15 people attended the concert. Already in August 1989 release of their first demo tape called LUNACY. It was only three songs and they were very different from the music that became famous LUNA SEA. Moreover, the style of the band was directed towards the Visual Kei, which at the time looked very defiant.

In 1990 they decided to slightly change the concept of the band. So they changed the name to Luna Sea. We can say all these efforts the boys came into the limelight. As a result, in concert in Rokumei-kan was popular at the time Hide (lead guitarist X-Japan). The group's performance was obviously liked it because the group soon moved to the indies-label Extasy records, owned by YOSHIKI. He also became the producer of their first album, simply titled: Luna Sea.


In 1992, took their Last Indies Tour, and there was major-debut group in May of this year - the album Image. From side-projects then known except that the MASS project, consisting of hard to make friends with LUNA SEA Hide, Inoran 'but also J'ya. All three were very busy, and this can be explained by the fact that the only piece MASS - this track Frozen Bug.Tak Anyway, the next album LUNA SEA was released in April 1993 and was called Eden. The group continued to search for his own style, and that is what made the album so multidirectional. But it is worth listening to, even for a ballad The Providence, where Sugizo finally shows his talent not only to play the guitar, but also the violin. Sugizo - a great violinist, despite the fact that as a child, this instrument was his nightmare.

Together with Mother album in 1994 comes and change of image for which remembered LUNA SEA, and, it seems, the group nevertheless finally finds its sound. As the appearance of the group becomes more calm, and music - easier. LUNA SEA still bear the label group, to reconcile pop music with rock music. It should be noted that by this time the band gained immense popularity. In 1995 they gave a concert at Tokyo Dome, Hall, which, as you know, not everyone will gather. STYLE album contained several hits of this group, and in 1997, still issuing mandatory collection of Singles, the band members decided to focus on solo projects.


J went to Los Angeles to record her own album Pyromania. Inoran released a single想, and then a solo album, but, unlike his other classmates, he did not sing himself, and invited others to do. Sugizo released the album Truth ?. He is distinguished by the fact that he was not sustained in any one style. Ryuichi just released his first single, I love you. It seems that the name speaks for itself. All his works have been very successful over the years. Perhaps this is due to the fact that he chose his direction of pop ballads, ideal for his voice. Seeing all this, a group of fans started talking seriously about the end of LUNA SEA, but the end is not yet. In 1998 the band returned with a new album Shine, quite a success in commercial terms. In 1999 he was 10 years old, and this date Group noted the release of a live album NEVER SOLD OUT, besides, they were able to perform in Taiwan and Hong Kong and Shanghai. In 2000, their song even used in the soundtrack of The world is not enough. In addition, they released their album called, oddly enough, Lunacy. Unfortunately, it was the last studio album.


8 November 2000 the group decides about "closing the curtain." Recently, they released as a LUNA SEA - best-of album, called PERIOD ~ THE BEST SELECTION. The Tokyo Dome is given a great two-day concert THE FINAL ACT TOKYO DOME. But the story does not end there ... LUNA SEA becomes almost the only group whose members have remained afloat, doing a solo career, and all five. Anyway, solo projects were many and very different. Ryuchi, J, Sugizo and Inoran continued full-fledged solo career, releasing albums and filming movies, playing with various guest musicians. Inoran and Sugizo did not stop on this, creating your own groups. Inoran some time playing in FAKE? with Ken Lloyd (ex-Oblivion Dust)The Flare group created with Yuna (LAZY KNACK). J also quite successfully engaged in the work of the Korean singer's producer Youjeen (which, according to the fans, «J in a skirt"). What to Shinya, he married a soloist Morning Musume (morning musume), lead a relatively quiet life. He took part in the recording of such musicians as Nanase Aikawa (Nanase Aikawa), Maki Oguro (大黒摩季) and 雅-miyavi-.. In 2004, the still existing Tourbillon project created Inoran and Ryuchi was also based. But the most interesting of all, perhaps, live Sugizo. In summer 2007 he took part in the project YOSHIKI SKIN, where in addition he had Gackt,雅-miyavi- YOSHIKI himself, of course. Project announcement was noisy, which, however, had no impact on its real activity. The band performed at Anime Expo stage and ... disappeared. In addition, according to rumors, Sugizo had to take part in concerts resurgent X-Japan and the rumors were confirmed.


In December 2007, happened, it would seem incredible. LUNA SEA gave a concert in Tokyo dome. Of course, the tickets flew instantly - tickets went on sale at 10:00 am on 28 October of 2007 and just a 5 minutes all the tickets were sold out, and the concert was, without any exaggeration, is beyond praise. LUNASEA just one concert, they made it clear to his fans that they have surpassed their "last" speech in 2000. Of course, the tickets flew instantly, and the concert was beyond praise. LUNA SEA for one night gave their fans a chance to remember how it was.

In 2008, the guys get together again to pay tribute to hide respect to the two-day event hide Memorial Summit., Dedicated to the memory of the legendary guitarist.

For 2009, no exact dates have been announced, but RYUICHI INORAN and hinted that the plan once again to gather a group for a joint concert. In May this year, after several concerts as a support musician, SUGIZO officially the sixth member of X JAPAN, saying that it will not affect plans for a possible future activity LUNA SEA.

May 29, 2010 on account of parallel 21 anniversary concert artist creates the official page on Facebook and twitter as well as launching its official channel on YouTube. August 31, 2010 at a press conference in Hong Kong guys announced their reunion and 20th in a row world tour which was named "20th Anniversary World Tour Reboot -to the


March 16, 2011 the band released their debut album overwrite "Luna Sea". After suffering the ills (earthquake and tsunami) in Japan March 11, 2011, the band announced the release of a new song (10 years!) "Promise". The light she appeared April 9, 2011, and all proceeds from its sale were donated to the Red Cross. June 1, 2011 on sale of audio and video recording of the concert, which took place on December 4, 2010 in Los Angeles and was released in 3D. October 22, 2011, a charity concert titled "Luna Sea for Japan" A Promiseon the stage of Saitama Super Arena. Concert show live on WOWOW. All proceeds were donated to the Red Cross. (Tickets for the concert went on sale August 14, 2011, and were sold for 5 minutes!) January 17, 2012 LUNA SEA announced the release of the October concert on DVD, on sale it will arrive in March and all proceeds from the sales will be donated to victims of the disaster on March 11, 2011. two days later, January 19, 2012, they again make a public statement but a new single release (after 11 years) scheduled release of March 21, 2012. The single includes the track almost for 20 minutes and released in 4 types.


The band's first physical single in over eleven years, "The One -Crash to Create-", was released in March 2012. It contains only the title track, which is nearly twenty-three minutes long, peaked at number 5 and spent 7 weeks on the charts. It is also the band's last release with Avex, as they returned to Universal Music in October. On Universal, Luna Sea released their sixteenth, and first double A-side, single "The End of the Dream/Rouge" on December 12.
In May 2012, a concert series titled Luna Sea Live 2012-2013 The End of the Dream was announced, with shows at Osaka-jō Hall on December 23 and the other six nights at the Nippon Budokan on January 11–13 and 18-20. It was their first concerts at both venues in 13 years. After the concerts sold out in one day, the Zepp Tour 2012 "Kourin" (降臨) was announced to take place before them, with all performances being at Zepp live houses. It started on November 16 in Osaka and went to Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sapporo, and ended in Tokyo on December 16, with each venue being played two to three consecutive nights each. The Zepp tour was also sold out. Additionally, in a sequel to the previous year's charity performance at Saitama Super Arena, the band performed another at Sendai Sun Plaza on December 24.

Following the performances at the Budokan, another Asian tour started on January 26, 2013 with two shows in Taiwan, then moved to Hong Kong, Bangkok and ended on February 8 in Singapore. After the tour, Luna Sea also held an exclusive live performance for their official fan club members on February 17. Originally, NHK Hall was selected to hold the event, however, the band decided to change the location to Ryōgoku Kokugikan to serve excessive demands. The single "Thoughts" was released on August 28 in celebration of the band's 24th anniversary, and is featured in a TV commercial for the online video game Master of Chaos. Just prior to the group's next single "Ran" (乱, alternately "Run"), released on November 13 and used as the theme song to the television drama Toshi Densetsu no Onna 2, they announced the track list and release details for their album. Luna Sea performed at Fuji TV's 2013 FNS Kayōsai festival, which was broadcast live on December 4. A Will, the group's first new studio album in 13 years, became available on December 11, 2013.

2014 marks Luna Sea's 25th anniversary, and they celebrated the occasion in several ways. The band performed a fan club-only show on May 26 at Akasaka Blitz, at which they performed A Will in full, and announced four more fan club-only kurofuku gentei concerts at the Diver City (June 21–22) and Osaka (August 23–24) Zepp music halls. They released both the single collection album 25th Anniversary Ultimate Best -The One- and the live compilation album Never Sold Out 2 on May 28, and performed a special anniversary concert at Yoyogi National Stadium on May 29. Their first nationwide tour since reuniting, Luna Sea 25th Anniversary Live Tour The Lunatic -A Liberated Will-, took place from June 7 to September 14 before picking up again in January 2015 and ending on March 1. Additional performances at Saitama Super Arena and Yokohama Arena took place at the end of 2014, on December 21 and 23 respectively.

As an epilogue to their 25th anniversary, Luna Sea hosted a rock festival titled Lunatic Fest on June 27 and 28, 2015, with an estimated 60,000 fans attending. Held at Makuhari Messe, there were three stages and 12 artists, with the host band performing twice both nights; once as opening act Lunacy and again as Luna Sea. Other acts included Dead End, Dir en grey, X Japan, Siam Shade and Tokyo Yankees the first night, and Aion, Buck-Tick, D'erlanger and Glay the second night.

The band provided the new song "Limit" to be used as the opening theme song for the Endride anime series. It was released as a single on June 22, 2016. They performed at Makuhari Messe on October 14 and 16 as part of the three-day Visual Japan Summit. On December 23 and 24, Luna Sea performed The Holy Night -Beyond the Limit- concerts at Saitama Super Arena. A limited single of a Christmas song titled "Holy Knight" was sold only at these concerts.

Kawamura Ryuichi (河村隆一) - Vocal

He is a Japanese musician, singer-songwriter, composer, producer, racer and novelist, currently signed to avex trax. His debut in the music business was as the vocalist of the Japanese rock band LUNA SEA, under the name RYUICHI. In 1997, Ryuichi debuted under the label Victor Entertainment with the single "I love you". In 2005, Ryuichi, INORAN and Hiroaki Hayama formed Tourbillon.

  • Name: Kawamura Ryuichi (河村隆一)
  • Real Name: Takano Ryuichi
  • From: Yamato, Kanagawa, Japan
  • Birth Date: May 20, 1970
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Blood Type: O
  • Religion: Buddha
  • Height: 171 cm (5,7 ft)
  • Weight: 51 kg (112 lbs)
  • Hobbies: Surfing and boxing
  • Favourite Bands: U2, The Beatles
  • Favourite Color: Red
  • Favourite Drinks: Green Tea, Wine
  • Bands: SLAUGHTER, LUNA SEA, Tourbillon


Luna Sea Ryuichi

SUGIZO (スギゾー) - Guitar

He is a musician, producer, and violinist and guitarist for the band LUNA SEA.

  • Real Name: Sugihara Yasuhiro (杉原康弘)
  • Other Names: Sugihara Yuune (杉原有音), Sugihara Yuu (杉原悠)
  • Birthplace: Hadano, Kanagawa, Japan
  • Birthday: July 8, 1969
  • Blood Type: O
  • Height: 176 cm
  • Hobbies: Jeet Kun Do, yoga, environmental initiatives, humanitarian initiatives, anti-war initiatives, peace, new age spiritualism, preservation of the earth, and more.
  • Favorite Artists: Kiss, Björk, David Bowie, Bob Dylan, YMO, Duran Duran and Culture Club.


INORAN (イノラン) - Guitar

The rythm guitarist for Japanese rock band LUNA SEA. After LUNA SEA disbanded, he released one single and two albums and later founded FAKE? with Ken Lloyd of Oblivion Dust. After having musical differences with Ken, he quit FAKE? and founded Tourbillon with Ryuichi. His nick name 'INORAN' came into existance when he was in baseball game; He hit the ball and a fan kept shouting "INO! RUN!!" which sound "INORAN". INORAN is claustrophobic, which made him to compose the song "Claustrophobia", the c/w of LUNA SEA's debut single "BELIEVE".

  • Real Name: Inoue Kiyonobu (井上清信)
  • Nick Name: INORAN
  • From: Kanagawa, Japan
  • Birth Date: September 29, 1970
  • Blood Type: B
  • Height: 170 cm
  • Weight: 54 kg
  • Hobbies: Sleeping, watching F1 Racing, and travelling
  • Favorite Color: Purple
  • Favorite Anime: Tonari no Totoro
  • Favorite Manga: Yatterman series
  • Favorite Food: Curry, Spicy Chinese Food, Natto
  • Admired Musician: Takigawa Ichiro
  • Close Friends: Ryuichi, Ken Lloyd & Aikawa Nanase
  • Pets: Two Cats



J - Bass

A Japanese rock musician, singer-songwriter and record producer, currently signed to blowgrow, sub-label of avex trax. His debut in the music business was as a bassist, co-founder and leader of the Japanese rock band LUNA SEA. In 1997, J debuted under the label Universal Music Japan with the single "BURN OUT".

  • Name: Onose Jun (小野瀬潤)
  • Nick Names: J, Junjun, Mr. W.U.M.F. (Wake Up Mother Fucker!)
  • Birthplace: Hadano, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
  • Birth Date: August 12, 1970
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Height: 179 cm
  • Weight: 58 kg
  • Hobbies: Soccer, bicycling and alcohol


Shinya (真矢) - Drums

He is the drummer. In 2000, he married former Morning Musume member Ishiguro Aya and in November of that year she gave birth to their first daughter, Rimu. They also have two other children, Sona (2002) and Youta (2004).

  • Name: Yamada Shinya (山田真矢)
  • Nick Name: Shinya (真矢)
  • Birthplace: Hadano, Kanagawa, Japan
  • Birth Date: January 13, 1970
  • Blood Type: O
  • Height: 165 cm
  • Hobbies: Karaoke, cars and drums
  • Musical Projects: LUNA SEA, TOSHI with T-EARTH, Potbelly, creature creature, Pinnochio, YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz

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