Dir en grey

Dir en grey

Dir en grey

Genres: Progressive metal, Visual Kei
Members: Kyo, Kaoru, Die, Toshiya, Shinya
Formed: 1997

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Dir en Grey (ディル・アン・グレイ) was founded in 1997 in Osaka former members of La Group: Sadie's, which disbanded at the beginning of the same year due to the fact that, referring to the divergence of views, the group left the bass -gitarist Kisaki. After the appearance in the group of new bassist Toshiya (Toshiya), the band changed its name to Dir en Grey. Name any meaning can not be held, the musicians just liked the phrase. Immediately recorded several demos, the band went on tour, yet local. Ever since Dir en Grey spends all his time either on stage or in the studio.

July 25 the band released their first mini-album MISSA, consisting of six songs. Stylistically similar to the group "La: sadie's" and the visual style of preaching "visual kei". At this time, the children notice the legendary Japanese musician Yoshiki Hayashi (Hayashi Yoshiki - drummer and pianist in the group X Japan). He invites them to write in his LA studio full drive and the band immediately agreed. The result is output GAUZE drive, which included most of the outstanding singles this time.


In late 1999, the group gives a sold-out concert at Osaka-Jo Hall for 10 000 people, which later comes out on DVD. 2000 saw the release of DVD-collection GAUZE -62045-, representing a full version of the video of the first album; DVD with a concert recorded at Osaka-Jo Hall; and in September and the release of the album MACABRE. The band's sound changed dramatically from the melodious music to the more severe, and that brought Dir en Grey great popularity in Japan.


Later, in 2001 and changed the style of the group: visual kei almost completely disappears and the new image appears - more European, on the one hand, the added amount of fans groups in Europe and America, but also a little swept away the wave in Japan. Around the same time, the group first had to terminate the tour due to the rupture of the eardrum Kyo. Recovered in four months, Kyo returned to the team and the group went on tour. In the same year he released a remix album Kai -KAI-. Following this, the band released their, perhaps the most controversial album Kisou, containing so unlike the early work of the material that many older fans were deeply disappointed and even tried to threaten the group, demanding the collapse of the team. Nevertheless, this did not prevent Kisou become the most successful in terms of position in the album charts Dir en Grey (third place on the Oricon chart Japanese).


In the summer of 2002 they released the mini-album Six Ugly, containing six heavy, hard-edged things, among them re-recorded with new lyrics song Byou Shin. Earlier this year saw the release of two DVD-collection Kimon clips. For Kisou followed by an even more menacing and moody disc VULGAR, bearing the one of the most important songs in the history of the team - OBSCURE. The video on this thing forced to shudder all over Japan, and later heavy metal fans far beyond its borders. Released as part of a collection of clips AVERAGE PSYCHO, this video was a sensation in the world of hard rock Japan. Video containing the most diverse, but equally unpleasant pictures like heads of babies, rivers of blood, corpses, etc., makes a strong impression. The group definitely was a success. And in the appearance of the musicians became smaller elements visual kei.

In the same year, a few months before the album's release VULGAR, Dir en Grey made an unprecedented action: renting a room AKASAKA BLITZ for nearly a week, the guys gave it five concerts on each day playing, basically, the material of one of his four albums (the first day was a kind of "fact-finding"). Later, all this wealth in a highly truncated, unfortunately, as it was released for the official fan club Group [a knot] in the DVD-box of five discs titled BLITZ 5DAYS.


Having released in 2005 the album Withering To Death and finally moving away from visual kei, the band went with his material conquer the American and European markets. Initially met pretty cool guys pretty quickly gaining attention for its crazy behavior on stage and in 2006, they drew the attention of Dzhonatan Devis, leader of band Korn. Last inviting them to take part in his autumn tour of Family Values. Not forgetting the homeland, Dir en Grey tornado sweeping through Japan with hurricane-force performances, which Kyo constantly tearing nails from the inside cheek, smearing blood on the face, chest and abdomen. It is worth noting that this in due time and was impressed by Jonathan Davis.


In February 2007, the band released their heaviest album THE MARROW OF A BONE, clearly focused on the American public, and again sent on a tour of Europe and America. The material of the disc is very disappointing old fans of the group, almost humbled with gloom and VULGAR Withering To Death. Contrary to all traditions of Dir en Grey from album to album getting heavier. Before more melodic vocals replaced by wild cries, the lyrics are filled with a bunch of American mat - in short, all that, according to Kyo, should attract the attention of the American public. Already familiar to them on the Family Values Tour Chino Moreno, singer and frontman of "Deftones", invites children in the summer tour of America, consisting of thirty dates. Towards autumn the band returns to Japan to record a new single DOZING GREEN and travel around Asia and Europe with concerts in support of it. Also on December 19 was a collection of the best songs of the decade of creativity called DECADE, consisting of two parts: DECADE 1998-2002 and DECADE 2003-2007.

February 10 saw a regular DVD light for [a knot] titled In Weal Or Woe. Its foundation is the cutting of live performances in support of THE MARROW OF A BONE and DOZING GREEN, as well as footage from the band performances in Europe and the US. In late May, the team completed a successful home tour TOUR08 DEATH OVER BLINDNESS, during which the boys tried in public, two new compositions.


Dir en Grey summer spent in the studio, finishing recording their new album, which was released the official November 12, 2008. The album received enough mystical name UROBOROS. The first sessions were held in March. In a press release Kaoru said that the album will be even more difficult and bleak. The group would like to try out new instruments on this CD, the lyrics of which will be filled with oriental and religious mood. The beginning of autumn was marked by another domestic tour TOUR08 THE ROSE TRIMS AGAIN.

The first concert took place on September 10th, the same day on store shelves came up next single titled GLASS SKIN. November-December Dir en Grey hold in the United States in round OVERSEAS THE ROSE TRIMS AGAIN. September 9 completely updated official team site. He got a new design nice white with a red "cap".

At the end of December 2008 began another tour group in support of the album "UROBOROS" - FEAST OF Ⅴ SENSESit started on December 29 to December 25 in concert with the Yokohama Blitz. As expected Dir en Grey not forgotten about his fans, and on 04. 02. 2008 was the announced exit full DVD called A KNOT OF which will include the following video: Tour 05 It Withers And Withers (Rock am Ring 2005, Rock im Park 2005); Showcase Tour; Tour 06 It Withers And Withers (Rock am Ring 2006, Rock im Park 2006); Tour 05-06 It Withers And Withers Final; Tour 06 Inward Scream; The Family Values Tour; Tour 07 Inward Scream; Deftones US Tour 2007 Summer; Wacken Open Air; Ankkarock Festival; Tour 07 The Marrow Of A Bone. However, this miracle comes with a mark only [a knot] and will be available only official fan club at the price of ¥ 2, 980. Dir en grey will enter into the history of the Japanese and world music as one of the world's hardest working bands. During the short time in which they exist as a group, they have released as much material as others can not write, and for thirty years. They won 7 full-length disc, 2 mini-albums, one remix album, 24 singles, 12 DVD to twenty drives, as well as 46 videos and more photobooks. The quintet managed to stand out performances at the most popular European metal festivals (Wacken, Octopus, Rock Am Ringas well as joint tour with [Deftones] and [[Korn]] (as a part of "Family Values Tour" Jonathan Davis). All the lyrics in the band writes vocalist Kyo, music is written as a group, which is emphasized especially in booklets last drive.


At the end of 2012, DIR EN GREY announced a new release. This is not a single, not an album or even DVD - group in November unveiled an official book. 「MINERVA -輪郭-」 (Rinkaku) includes voluminous interviews with each of the participants, information on the activities of the group during a pause in the work caused by illness Kyo, as well as details of their new single "Rinkaku". In addition, the publication includes interviews with Hiroyuki Kondou - the person to whom the group owes its videos, as well as many interesting photos from filming "Rinkaku". The new mini-album "The UNRAVELING" appeared on the shelves of music stores on April 3rd 2013, 7 tracks included in its tracklist. The album opens with a new song Unraveling, followed by the recording of old songs collected from earlier releases group in an entirely new treatment. Immediately after the release of "The UNRAVELING" Dir en Grey start with the spring, the national tour "TOUR 2013 - TABULA RASA", and closer to the summer and visit some European countries.
May 16 at Studio Coast Kyo was urgently hospitalized Tokyo with temperatures above 40 degrees after the speech. In Kyo hospital diagnosed "angina" (leaning more to the inflammation of the tonsils) and conducted intensive treatment within 24 hours. After Kyo-san admitted to hospital with fever, then I came around and now he needs absolute rest for several days. But that's not all, is the singer has previously complained of a sore throat and went to the hospital on May 13, he even then had a fever, but in spite of the doctors' orders, he continued to tour and even before the show struggled with a fever, but still came out on the scene. During the concert Kyo fell several times, trying to keep struggling. Fans say he was crazy exhausted. As soon as he finished the speech and returned to the locker room, I was immediately taken to hospital in an unconscious state. The show, which was scheduled for May 24 at the Shibuya Public Hall, in spite of the cancellation, it seems inevitable. Kyo categorically does not want to cancel the concert, saying "I can not betray their fans, as already promised this day." After the European tour, the band Dir en Grey plans to give a tour of the Yaponii.18 September ~ October 23 will be held 15 concerts with different set list.


During the month of August in 2014, the band celebrated the 15th anniversary of their debut album, Gauze. During this time, they embarked on a Japanese tour titled Tour14 Psychonnect: Mode of "Gauze"?, similarly named after the tour they held back in 1999 in support of the album.

On August 5, 2014, it was announced that Dir En Grey's ninth album, Arche, would be released on December 10, 2014. After its release, the album was accompanied by the 2014–2015 tour By the Grace of God. The tour was followed by another one called The Unstoppable Life, in April and May 2015.


On 27 June 2015, Dir En Grey performed at Luna Sea's Lunatic Fest at Makuhari Messe. On 5–6 February 2016, Dir en Grey performed their album Arche at Nippon Budokan with a June 2016 release date of Blu-ray & DVD.

On 6 February 2016, it is officially announced that the band will release their new single, "Utafumi", in July 2016. They will also embark on various tours based around previous albums called Tour16-17 From Depression To ________ [mode of Vulgar], Tour16-17 From Depression To ________ [mode of Dum Spiro Spero], and Tour16-17 From Depression To ________ [mode of 鬼葬] from June to November 2016.

Some facts about the group:
- Kyo passed the white sheet of paper for admission to higher education. He wanted to devote himself entirely to music.
- Kyo hates the word "kawaii".
- Kyo called himself the first kanji word "Kyoto".
- The first speech Toshiya left the stage before the song is over (and then another, and fell asleep). His mother called later and apologized producer.
- Kaoru - only with blood group A (poor leader-sama ...).
- Toshiya once kissed Shinya.
- Kaoru have never had a real date.
- SUGIZO Kaoru called "the most erotic Jay-rocker".
- The greatest love Dai
- Sakai Noriko (known, but quite old singer).


Kyo (京) - Vocal

  • Stage Name: Kyo (京; Kyou)
  • Previous Stage Names: Youma (殀磨), Hotoma (殆磨)
  • Real Name: Nishimura Tooru (西村 亨)
  • From: Kyoto, Japan
  • Birth Date: February 16, 1976
  • Blood Type: B
  • Height: 160 cm
  • Weight: 43 kg
  • Hobbies: sleeping, playing games, collecting warumono
  • Respected Person: Kiyoharu
  • Favorite Anime: Doraemon, Gundam
  • Bands:
    • Gesshoku (月蝕)
    • Visun
    • Masquerade
    • Haijin Kurobara Zoku (廃人黒薔薇族; around 1995) (session band)
    • La:Sadie's (1995 - 1997)
    • DIR EN GREY (1997 - Present)
    • sukekiyo (2013 - Present)

Official WebSite

Dir en grey Kyo
Dir en grey Kaoru

Kaoru (薫) - Guitar

One of the guitarists, along with Die, of the Japanese band DIR EN GREY. Kaoru's musical influence was the late hide (Hideto Matsumoto) from X JAPAN. His style of playing guitar, unlike Die, is rather smooth; he prefers headbanging than running around the stage. Kaoru is the main composer for DIR EN GREY and has the final say in matters concerning the band.

  • Stage Names: kaoru, Kaoru (薫)
  • Full Name: Niikura Kaoru (新倉 薫)
  • From: Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan
  • Birth Date: February 17, 1974
  • Blood Type: A
  • Height: 170 cm
  • Weight: 52 kg
  • Hobbies: watching, reading manga, playing Gundam Model-kit
  • Admired Musician: hide
  • Favorite Anime: Gundam, Rurouni Kenshin, Laputa, Akira
  • Bands:
    • CHARM
    • La:Sadie's (1995 - 1997)
    • DIR EN GREY (1997 - Present)

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ESP Artist Series

Die - Guitar

He is one of the guitarists, along with Kaoru, of the Japanese band DIR EN GREY. He usually sports red hair and is considered to be the joker of the band. Die's musical influence is Takigawa Ichiro (the guitarist of CRAZE). His style of playing guitar is rather hard, and he is responsible for most of the parts played on acoustic guitar.

  • Full Name: Andou Daisuke (安滕大助)
  • From: Nabari, Mie Prefecture, Japan
  • Birth Date: December 20, 1974
  • Blood Type: B
  • Height: 178 cm
  • Weight: 62 kg
  • Hobbies: watching, collecting bracelets, playing baseball
  • Respected Person: Takigawa Ichiro (CRAZE)
  • Bands:
    • ka · za · ri (1993 - 1995)
    • La:Sadie's (1995 - 1997)
    • DIR EN GREY (1997 - Present)
    • DECAYS (2015 - Present)

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Dir en grey Toshiya

Toshiya - Bass

Before he took up bass, he tried a variety of instruments, including the drums and guitar. One reason he took on the bass was because he was inspired by J, the bassist for the famous J-rock band LUNA SEA.

  • Full Name: Hara Toshimasa (原敏政)
  • From: Koushoku (now Chikuma), Nagano Prefecture, Japan
  • Birth Date: March 31, 1977
  • Blood Type: B
  • Height: 178 cm
  • Weight: 58 kg
  • Hobbies: collecting anime LD, collecting action figure, fishing, drawing
  • Respected Person: J
  • Favorite Anime: Five Star Sories, Evangelion, Gundam
  • Bands:
    • D†L (1997)
    • GOSICK (1997)
    • DIR EN GREY (1997 - Present)

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Shinya - Drums

  • Name: Terachi Shinya (寺地心夜)
  • Birthplace: Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan
  • Birth date: February 24, 1978
  • Blood Type: B
  • Height: 170cm
  • Weight: 42 kg
  • Favourite Food: Jelly
  • Hated Thing: cigarette smoke
  • Favourite musician: YOSHIKI-sama
  • Favourite comic/animation: Nekojiru, Doraemon, Q-Taro
  • Drums' brand: LUDWIG
  • Bands:
    • Siva (19xx - 199x)
    • Ruby (19xx - 199x)
    • La:Sadie's (1995 - 1997)
    • DIR EN GREY (1997 - Present)


Dir en grey Shinya